The card:trick - slim leather credit card case

The Card:Trick is The Office of Minor Details take on a classic leather card case design.  Made using the to the same exacting standards as the original 'Minimum Wallet' the Slide holds your cards and cash, with the quick pull of the closer tab the contents of your wallet are lifted out of the case a couple of inches for easy access.  Simply push the cards back down to tuck them away again.


The Slide Wallet is:

  • Cut, punched, dyed and stitched by the hand of the designer without the use of any machines.  

  • The Slide wallet is made with just 2 pieces of full grain vegetable tanned leather.  Fewer seems give greater strength..  

  • Folded and stitched in a unique way to create a pocket which is pre-formed to take your cards and cash without have to stuff them in while giving the smallest possible size.  The finished size is only a couple of millimetres larger than your cards.

  • Stitched with 1mm waxed polyester thread means no thin cotton machine stitched thread to break giving a product that will stand the test of time.


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