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Is your existing wallet just an overstuffed mobile filing cabinet.  Tired of people wondering what’s going on down there in that pocket?  It could be time to make the change to a more streamlined Minimum Wallet lifestyle.  Cash and cards all in an extremely simple but durable and well tested leather slim wallet...Introducing the 'Minimum Wallet' from The Office of Minor Details.

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'minimum wallet' minor details

  • The Original "Minimum Wallet" features folded design that forms a pocket take 8-10 cards without have to stuff them in while providing the smallest possible footprint.

  • A simple closer strap applied over a single piece of folded hand dyed, vegetable tanned, full grain leather.  Sealed and finished with a beeswax conditioner.

  • Hand stitched with a traditional 'saddle stitch' and high quality 1mm waxed polyester.  Exceptionally strong seams that stand the test of time and will not wear out like thinner machine stitching.

  • Folded where possible.  Minimum seams equals maximum strength.

  • Completely hand made by the hand of the designer in Byron Bay, Australia, without the use of any machines - every wallet unique and individual.

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