We bought one of these from you 5 years ago and desperately need to replace it! My husband LOVES it.
— Vick T., June 2018, USA / Card:Trick
Minimalist wallet; leather card holder; Card:Trick.
My wife ordered a replacement wallet from you for me last week as I thought I had lost my current one that I bought from you about 5 years ago. I couldn’t have cared less about the contents in it, but was devastated at the thought of losing the actual wallet which is without a doubt my absolute favorite.

The good news is that I found it, but now also have a spare, which I’m not sure when I will ever get to use as my current one is still in perfect condition, just well broken in. Even the stitching is perfect after 5 years of everyday use.

Thanks so much for such a great product.
— Chris L. June 2018, Australia / Minimum:Wallet
I got this for my husband as a gift to celebrate opening our own business. He’s been carrying his business cards around in his billfold and handing them out all over town so, a) he’s always running out and, b) they fall out of his wallet all the time. All the other business card options I found were either ugly, didn’t hold very many cards, or both. This is so gorgeous and masculine and he really loved receiving it. Thank you so much!
— Kristin M. Mar 2018, USA / Card:Case
Leather Business Card Case; Leather Card Cay
Amazing quality, quick turnaround and good communication. Will definitely come back.
— W. Ng, Dec 2017, Australia / Home:Slice
Great quality product, fast shipping and good communication with the seller.
— Sara, Dec 2017, Australia / Home:Slice
Leather Coin Wallet; Leather Coin Purse;
Fantastic wallet that is the perfect size. Quality is really good, and whole experience topped off with very good service
— James R, March 2017, Australia / Minimum Wallet
I’m indeed a very happy customer returning to the absolutely best wallet I’ve ever had!
— Soeren K, Oct 2017, Sweden / Minimum Wallet
Alongside my phone, the wallet has become one of the most  indispensable things in my life. It’s a really discreet and safe way to carry the cards I need plus a bit of cash. I love how it sits almost weightless in my pocket and how beautifully the leather has worn in.
— Gilbert W, Oct 2016, New Zealand / Minimum Wallet
Used Minimum Wallet
This is a beautifully made wallet that I will cherish. 
— Patricia H, Oct 2016, USA / Minimum Wallet
Great product, very nice feel and craftsmanship. Already have people asking me where I bought it. Daily hold: 8 cards, 3 business cards, up to 8-9 folded bills. Don’t miss the billfold wallet at all.
— A. Lau. July 2014, USA / Minimum Wallet
Arrived quickly, wonderfully designed and made. Great quality.
— David R, Jan 2016, UK / Minimum Wallet
Very helpful and good communication. Perfect for my 10 cards and a few notes folded. Exactly what I wanted. Thanks.
— Lee H, Feb 2016, UK / Minimum wallet
Great quality, second wallet with them (lost my first one), would HIGHLY recommend!
— Haley M, May 2016, USA / Card:Trick
I am so happy that my web search led me to the “Office of Minor Details”. This mini wallet is superbly designed (surpassing the fancy small wallets I’ve had through the yrs); clearly made with attention and care: well tanned leather which will get even better with age, sturdy stitching which is not too thick. My biggest concern was that the leather not be too bulky or stiff, thus annulling a thin and sleek design but luckily it’s just thick enough to give it sturdiness yet thin enough to be ergonomic. Finally, it must be said that the seller was great: communicative in a way that made me feel as if I’d walked into a small shop and gotten personalized attention. I cannot give bigger accolades: great product, service, price, communication and fast delivery.
— Gerard C, Mar 2015, USA / Minimum Wallet
So far my husband loves the wallet! It’s small enough for front pocket and even shirt pocket, but it fits everything he needs inside. Thank you!
— Anichia B, Jan 2016, USA / Minimum Wallet
Beautiful item. Perfectly made. Nice shop owners too. An all round excellent transaction.
— Steve S, Nov 2015, Canada / Minimum Wallet
Wallet looks more awesome in person. I currently have 5 cards and 10 folded bills. I’m definitely getting another one. Couldn’t be happier.
— Ian A., October 2015, Canada / Minimum Wallet
Slim Wallet Handcrafted
The wallet just arrived yesterday and beautiful. Smooth leather and easily fits my dozen-or-so+ cards. The monogram is a great added touch.
— Jesse R, October 2015, USA / Minimum Wallet
Absolutely quality of the highest order. Love the color and love the functionality. Getting the cards out is as smooth and easy as can be. A highly recommended product!
— Lynn G, July 2015, USA / Card:Trick
Fast delivery and the wallet is perfect, it gets better every day. Thanks.
— Antti K, August 2015, Finland / Minimum Wallet
I bought one of your wallets (in ruby red) in 2012. I should say, this could be described at the time as my most recent wallet purchase and people laughed at me, because I buy and go through wallets and an extraordinary rate. I mean it’s crazy. Within a few months I decide it’s too small, too big, I hate the zipper, something. Always, without fail, to the point it’s become a running joke that when I buy a wallet no one should get attached to it. I know, who has stupid-ass in jokes about wallets? But it’s my thing. I don’t buy shoes, or handbags, I’m not an accessories person, so people have laughed at my wallet thing for my entire life.

Anyway, I bought this one and I have been using it for three and a half years and it has not occurred to me once in that time that I should replace it. And I don’t think I will. I love that I have had to streamline everything and I have all those stupid loyalty cards elsewhere. If I lost this I would know the exact 6 cards that are in it and how to cancel them. But I don’t lose it because it is always in my pocket. Too small to be noticeable to a pickpocket. It’s traveled to several countries with me now too.

Anyway, I’ve sent dozens of people to you and I hope some of them have bought your wallets. I love mine so much. It looks ten thousand years old now, worn down and gorgeous, in the way leather gets. I get comments on it very frequently. Keep at it!
— Claire K, August 2015, Australia / Minimum Wallet
Wonderful - after many years of hard use, I came back for a replacement of my original wallet, and the quality is as good as ever!
— Christian L, May 2015, USA /Minimum Wallet
I absolutely love this wallet! The leather smell is delicious and it feels nice and smooth in my hand. It slips into pockets perfectly. I highly recommend it. Thank you!
— Leanne E, Jan 2015, USA / Minimum Wallet
Great quality as always. This is the fourth one I bought, that says enough I guess :)
— Adriana H, Oct 2014, The Netherlands / Minimum Wallet
Brilliant! Exactly what I had hoped for...well made and durable. I hope to have it for many years to come. Thanks!
— Alonzo M, Oct 2014. USA / Minimum Wallet
I have used this wallet for several weeks now, and I really like it. It is well made, attractive and most useful. It also holds more credit cards than it looks like it would. Recommended.
— Calvin G, Oct 2014, USA / Minimum Wallet
My husband was so happy with this. Its very streamlined, not bulky and will probably last forever. It made a wonderful gift and I wouldn’t hesitate to order again.
— C. Wilson, July 2014, USA / Minimum Wallet
Two or three years ago I bought one of these wallets for my husband (boyfriend back than) and I swear he never stops telling me how much he loves it and how perfect it is- literally at least once a month when I’m nearby and he is taking something in or out of his wallet.. The one I bought than is still in awesome shape, it’s withstood various accidental washings and daily use its not even worn out or ragged a little!
— C. Jordan, June 2014, USA / Minimum Wallet
Shipping was ridiculously prompt. Iain’s post-purchase contact constituted excellent customer service. The item is carefully made. Materials are high quality. I haven’t seen anything similar in my search for a small, secure wallet. I hope Iain attains the success his products deserve.
— David B., May 2014, Australia / Minimum Wallet
I bought my husband this wallet years ago and he has loved it ever since. Only replacing it because our dog got a hold of it and also loved it (so much that he ate it). No other replacement would do. Ordered a new one and it came quickly. He has started wearing this one in again (they look ever better after a few years of use). Thanks again!
— Linday F., February 2014, USA / Minimum Wallet
LOVE IT! On first opening the minimum wallet, I had my reservations - it’s SO small! That said, after 2 months of use, I can not imagine ever going back to a traditional wallet - I love it so much, and receive so many positive comments. Highly recommended.
— L. Johnston, January 2014, Australia / Minimum Wallet
Beautiful quality - amazing leather. Had it monogrammed as well and it came out so well!! Super quick turnaround, fast postage. Highly recommended. Perfect Christmas gift :)
— A. Myburgh, December 2013, Australia / Minimum Wallet
Beautiful wallet, purchased for my boyfriend. He says it’s perfect and the best wallet he’s ever had.
— Kynsey H, February 2014, USA / Minimum Wallet
Beautifully made wallet that will be a wonderful gift for a dear friend. I’ve placed a second order for two more and can’t wait to see how they are received. Highly recommended.
— R. Bennett, November 2013, Australia / Minimum Wallet
My second purchase (first one got stolen). No wallet will ever come close to this one! It’s absolutely beautiful, smooth and practical beyond reason!
— S. Oldenburg, July 2013, Denmark / Minimum Wallet
Simple! Compact! Leather!! - Best Wallet I have purchased in a long time.
— R. Jennings, June 2013, Australia / Minimum Wallet
Beautiful! Fast free shipping was great and the craftsmanship is outstanding!
— D. Bradley, May 2013, Canada / Minimum Wallet
This is my second minimum wallet order. I bought one for myself about a year and a half ago, it’s still going strong and I love how the leather has aged. This one is a gift, great product again this time, highly recommended!
— B. Purcell, January 2013, Northern Ireland / Minimum Wallet
Fantastic Wallet! My wife bought this for me as a Christmas gift. The quality of workmanship is superb and I find that its the perfect size for carrying all I need.
— J. Hunt, January 2013, New Zealand / Minimum Wallet
Great wallet. Expected it to be small but it really is tiny. Been using it for a few days so far. The flap is getting easier and easier to close, cards are easy to get out, plenty of room for cash. Rapt with the purchase, absolutely great craftsmanship. Very clean and evenly spaced stitching.
— J. McNicholl, January 2013, New Zealand / Minimum Wallet
Excellent quality, exceeded all expectations, Thanks!
— P. Arias, January 2013, United States / Minimum Wallet
Brilliant service. The wallet arrived in the UK in amazingly quick time and it’s a quality item. Thank you.
— Z. Aldridge, October 2012, United Kingdom / Minimum Wallet
Looks amazing! Went with the cherry red leather, with brown stitching rather than white stitching. A much more subdued look, less contrasting. Craftsmanship is impeccable.
— M. Solis, October 2012, United States / Minimum Wallet
Highly recommend. Purchased as a gift for my husband. I had the back right hand corner engraved with his initials which he loved. A perfect, slim, minimal wallet for the modern man (or woman)!
— M. Born, October 2012, United States / Minimum Wallet
Fantastic wallet. Iain custom made for me with black leather/red stitching and it’s awesome. I have about 10 cards and 5 notes in it and it’s still thinner than my previous small wallet when empty!! Communication has been fantastic while I waited for NZ & Australia Post to deliver, however the wait was well worth it! I’ll certainly buy from The Office of Minor Details again!
— B. David, October 2012, Australia - Minimum Wallet
This is the perfect wallet - small, compact and very pretty. It’s only slightly longer than a credit card, which means you can easily slip it in your pocket with no bulkiness (even if you’re wearing tight jeans - yay!). I love it.
— L. Oliveira, August 2012, United States / Minimum Wallet
Exactly what was shown and a great product. Very happy!
— D. Powell, July 2012, United States - Minimum Wallet
Amazing product. Get tons of compliments. Couldn’t find this sort of quality in any name brand, Let alone for this price. Highly recommended.
— J. Champagne, May 2012, Canada / Minimum Wallet
Excellent slim wallet. Beautiful in it’s simplicity. The workmanship is excellent and I can see this wallet only improving with age. A wonderful wallet and a real bargain.
— K. Anderson, May 2012, United States / Minimum Wallet
The wallet is beautiful and well made. It arrived in one week and I live in Colorado. My husband loved it, It’s small but that’s the point he also loved that it was personalized with his initials. Thank you, your work is beautiful!
— L. Aranda, April 2012, United States / Minimum Wallet
A quality product. The design will suit minimalists and it still maintains a slim profile with 5-8 cards. Postage was quick too!
— T. Rodrigues, April 2012, Australia - Minimum Wallet
Thank you so much for my lovely wallet. Communication was great and it was shipped quickly. The condition of the wallet is just beautiful. Highly recommended!
— J. Todd, March 2012, New Zealand / Minimum Wallet
Super satisfied! speedy shipping and amazing product. The best wallet purchase I’ve ever made. Only had it a few days and already starting to break in very nicely. I would highly suggest this wallet to any and everyone! thanks so much for making such a well-crafted, simple wallet!
— C. Small, February 2012, United States / Minimum Wallet
This was a gift for my boyfriend for Valentine’s day. He absolutely loved it! It is so sexy and sleek and clever. Thanks for a perfect wallet!!!
— W. Vines, February 2012, United States / Minimum Wallet
Quick shipment, great communication, wonderful customer service. Could not be happier. Thanks!
— P. Lim, February 2012, Australia / Minimum Wallet
Bought on a recommendation from a friend and I totally, totally love it. I’ll buy some as Christmas gifts this year! Really quick delivery, too.
— C. Kelly, February 2012, Australia / Minimum Wallet
Iain is a genius! His pieces are beautiful and very well crafted. The seams are perfect and the leather is divine. He is also very responsive to inquiries. Great experience!
— E. Friend, December 2011, United States / Custom order - MacBook Air Case
I really love how the wallet looks and feels! This is also the best Christmas gift I could give my right buttock!
— A. Moothedath, December 2011, United States / Minimum Wallet
Thanks! Monogramming looks even better in person than it does in the photo! Very subtle, and lovely on the black leather.
— Kaye Chen-Goddard, December 2011, Australia / Monogramming
Purchased this for my father to keep his cards for a new business. It smells rich and wonderful, and the quality is obviously spectacular. (Bonus fast shipping.) He’s going to love it — thanks!
— K. Sigler, December 2011, United States / Minimum Wallet
Fine monogramming, perfect details, even in black leather.
— H. Reis, December 2011, Brazil / Monogramming
I purchased this wallet and the iPad case at the same time. Both items exceed my expectations. The craftsmanship is outstanding and the design is simple yet elegant. In addition to the high quality of the items the customer service was incredible. Emails were responded to promptly and a custom order was no problem! And shipping from New Zealand to the USA was free! Would highly recommend this seller!
— K. Bemish, December 2011, United States / Minimum Wallet & iPad case
Came quickly! My husband loved it, and he is VERY HARD TO PLEASE when it comes to a wallet! Thanks for a great product.
— H. Ziebart, December 2011, United States / Minimum Wallet
Great design, service, price and quality. Pictures accurately represent what you’ll receive. Thickness of leather perfect and means I can pack 7 bank / loyalty / business cards. I thought it’d be a back-up wallet but now only one I use. Comments from strangers positive too :)
— A. Simonsen, November 2011, New Zealand / Minimum Wallet
Great seller and very nice product. Its much more compact than one would think, and its a good thing! Leather is very soft but quite strong. I cannot wait to see how it will age. I would recommend this product to anyone.
— H. Kodama, November 2011, Sweden / Minimum Wallet
Love my wallet!!! thank you!!! Going to order another one.
— T. Tran, October 2011, United States / Minimum Wallet